Cerebral Palsy Australia is the national peak body of organisations that work with people with cerebral palsy and people with similar disabilities and their carers.  Since 1952, Cerebral Palsy Australia (formerly known as CP Australia and the Australian Cerebral Palsy Association) has provided a national voice for cerebral palsy awareness Furthermore, Cerebral Palsy Australia has positively contributed to the community through research and service development for children and adults with cerebral palsy.  THE NATIONAL VOICE Cerebral Palsy Australia focuses on the promotion and advancement of the rights, interests, welfare and social inclusion for people with cerebral palsy by:  assisting in obtaining appropriate funding and support for organisations  working with people with cerebral palsy and their carers  supporting and encouraging innovation and improved service practices  encouraging, conducting and supporting research concerning cerebral palsy  working with governments in developing policies for services and support of  organisations working with people with cerebral palsy and their carers.

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