Compacks is a case managed discharge from Hospital that includes a package of Care for up to six weeks after leaving hospital. This Service seeks to ensure that people can return home safely and with appropriate care in place to heal well and to avoid unnecessary re admission. How Does The Service Work? Staff at participating Hospitals (private hospitals and small District hospitals are not funded) will refer an inpatient to the Compacks Programme if they identify a need for Case Management and support Services to achieve a positive and safe recovery when the patient goes home. An inpatient can inquire as to their option of referral if they are concerned about managing at home after discharge. Hospital staff will assess whether Compacks will be required Hospital staff will contact the Compacks provider to discuss the patient referral and their needs are then assessed by the Compacks provider. Services can be put in place for up to six weeks if needed for a positive recovery. After a plan of assistance has been agreed to with you our staff can: • Liaise with services and put things in place, • Purchase services where needed, • Assist you to manage specific problems – eg appointments, • Be a support to you in problem solving • Help you to become as independent as you are able over the six week recovery period. This service is available to NSW Public hospital inpatients assessed as requiring support from case management and immediate access to two or more community services to safely return home from hospital. ComPacks is an appropriate service when: 1. A person requires immediate access to case management and community support services to enable a safe discharge from hospital 2. These services cannot be accessed through the usual channels such as HACC, DVA etc. A list of service providers can be found on t

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