House of Hospitality The House of Hospitality is an accommodation unit for those people who find themselves homeless or in unsuitable accommodation. It is not a crisis unit. Priority is given to the following groups of people: • fathers with children • adults who have completed a detoxification programme • adults who are homeless due to marriage breakdown, or eviction • mothers with children who do not meet the domestic violence criteria of the Women's Refuge Movement • community membership is given to one asylum seeker each year The concept of the house is one of community living i.e. the people who choose to live here are expected to support and encourage each other. The idea of the house is for people to: • regain confidence • take control of their lives • make choices and move on to independent living Residents are encouraged to join a day programme or become involved in job skill programs, voluntary work, or attend local playgroups with their children. The house is a drug and alcohol free zone.

Contact House of Hospitality - Catholic Diocese

Phone: 0418 675 268/(02) 4940 0623

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