Through community efforts and the untiring assistance of volunteers, the Elder Abuse Prevention Association will continuously strive to meet the following objectives: *Provide services for older persons who are abused, neglected, and/or exploited. *Provide research initiatives to further investigate causative factors and preventative measures. *Provide advocacy programs for older persons in need.Provide awareness and training to professionals and community groups to increase education levels on all aspects of elder abuse. *Provide a central repository of data on the incidence of elder abuse and related case studies. *Advocate appropriate legislative action to protect elders.Establish a uniform model for national policies, procedures and definitions. Elder Abuse is any act within a relationship of trust, which harms an older person. It includes financial, psychological, physical, verbal, sexual abuse, and neglect. We are a confidential HELPLINE offering information, advice and referrals for people who experience, witness or suspect the abuse of older people living in their homes in

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