The Office of the NSW Women’s Refuge Movement The NSW Women’s Refuge Movement has an office that was founded as a way to have a central point of contact for the NSW Women’s Refuge Movement (WRM): which represents a network with a total of 55 refuges and affiliate services for both women and children that have escaped domestic violence across NSW. The Office of the NSW WRM has full support for the aims and activities that was set by the WRM as an organization that encompasses the entire state and is committed to providing a continuum of services to homeless women and children who are also prone to risks of being homeless especially when it’s all because of family and domestic violence. The WRM operates within the framework of a feminist philosophy advocating for social justice and human rights for women and children in the context of unequal power relations in society. Supports and cooperates with a government on behalf of WRM Members. Assists in the provision of administrative support and policy development for WRM Members. Gives resources and information for the boarder community about domestic violence and seeks to create boarder awareness of the issues relating to domestic violence. The Executive Officer’s role includes representing the NSW Women’s Refuge Movement in line with endorsed policies and philosophies. Gives resources and information about issues related to domestic violence including Aboriginal, CALD, LGBTIQ, legal, children, older women, disabilities, mental illness, housing and sexual assault. Facilities interaction, networking and linkages between the NSW Women’s Refuge Movement and other relevant services at a state and national level. Resources the NSW women’s refuge workers on boarder issues such as government policy, legislations and special project. Aims to raise community awareness of domestic violence and the NSW Women’s Refuge Movement. Support for improved responses to the needs of women and children who have experienced or are escaping domestic violence. Undertakes special projects to coordinate consistent policies and approaches across a diverse range of service models. Collaborate with the media on behalf of the Women’s Refuge Movement. .

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