What services are provided? The following clinical services are provided: Medical assessment and management Child Counselling and Family Therapy for complex behavioural problems in children over 5 years Interventions for sexualised behaviour Individual and group programs Assessments, consultations and some groups programs are provided by Occupational Therapy and Speech Pathology Assessments for AD/HD, autism, learning and developmental disabilities and help with accessing supports Advocacy and support to families who interact with schools, government agencies (e.g., Community Services) and other organisations (e.g., ASPECT, Life Without Barriers). CAFHT provides the following clinics: Multidisciplinary clinic: A one-stop shop where children who require assessments by all professions are assessed Muswellbrook outreach clinic: Assessment by medical or psychology for residents living in the Upper Hunter Aboriginal child health clinics (Awabakal and Karuah) Sparks clinic (Sexualised Behaviours clinic) for children under 10 years Staff consult and liaise with other community agencies, schools and preschools that may have ongoing involvement with a child and family. This includes Ageing, Disability and Home Care (ADHC) and the Department of Education and Communities (DEC). Do I need a referral and how do I make an appointment? Referrals are accepted from a wide range of health, welfare and education workers, rather than direct referrals from parents. Initial enquiries can be made by phone on 49246400. Referring agents need to complete the referral form which can be found on this website. After receiving a referral an intake officer will assess a child and family’s needs. If the family are eligible for our service, the referral is taken to an allocation meeting where children will be placed on medical, speech pathology, occupational therapy, developmental psychology and/or psychosocial waitlists. Children needing an assessment in all areas may be allocated to multidisciplinary clinic.

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