Aboriginal Hostels Limited operates 47 hostels Australia-wide to provide accommodation for Indigenous people who need to be away from home for a range of reasons. The hostels are safe, comfortable, affordable and offer three meals each day during your stay.

Kirinari Hostel - Newcastle (for boys) & Durungaling Hostel This hostel provides boarding accommodation for tertiary students and those completing training in Newcastle. The hostel also provides short-term accommodation for those who come to Newcastle for other reasons. Facilities Activities single beds barbeque lounge TV room homework station computers near beach cricket set basketball football board games

Kirinari Hostel - Newcastle (AHL) Hostel Name Origin: Kirinari means ‘place of learning’ in Yandruwanda language spoken by the Indigenous peoples from east of Lake Eyre in South Australia This hostel provides boarding accommodation for Indigenous boys attending Cardiff High School, Hunter Sports High School or other high schools in Newcastle. Facilities & Activities family and single rooms single beds king single beds barbeque lounge room TV games room homework stations computers gymnasium near beach cricket set basketball tennis court next to football ovals

Email: kirinari.newcastle@ahl.gov.au

Contact Aboriginal Hostels Limited

Phone: (02) 1800 640 836
Website: https://www.ahl.gov.au/


Durungaling Hostel 19 Spruce Street
Lambton 2299
Phone: (02) 9043 9540

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Kirinari Hostel
Newcstle 2300
Phone: (02) 9043 9560
Email: kirinari.newcastle@ahl.gov.au

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