Having trouble with alcohol? Does your drinking worry you? Is it causing you to get into unpleasant or dangerous situations? Are family members complaining about your drinking? Going to an AA meeting is simple. You find out where and when there is a meeting convenient for you and you just turn up. That's it. There's no signing in, no money to pay, no appointment to make. There are no intrusive questions, no obligations. Your privacy and anonymity will be respected. You’ll never be met with a demand to come back to any meeting or indeed to AA. You can go to different meetings as often or as little as you wish. Phone our national helpline number 1300 22 22 22* and your call will be routed to your nearest local AA office or contact. How do i find a meeting? http://www.aa.org.au/findameeting/ Newcastle Website: http://www.newcastle-aa.org.au

Contact Alcoholics Anonymous

Phone: 1300 222 222
Website: https://aa.org.au/

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