Advocacy assistance & supported referral for legal advice and information for people with all disabilities. After a referral is received we will prioritise the matter based on the urgency of the issue, the severity of the person’s disability, and the person’s access to other supports. We will contact the client and the referrer giving an indication of how long it will be before advocacy can begin. Average waiting time is approximately 2-4 weeks. Who is the Advocacy Service for? For people with any type of disability or mental illness and their family or carer. What Advocates Can do Advocates seek to assist people with a disability who have been unfairly treated. (As a guideline, a person with a disability is treated unfairly if he or she is treated contrary to: law, human rights, policy, standards or well accepted conventions (such as procedural fairness/natural justice). What Advocates Cannot Do Provide legal advice (but where appropriate Advocates may help you get legal advice from a qualified legal practitioner ) Provide casework services (e.g. finding accommodation, applying for services, managing services, etc). Provide advocacy services when a government disability caseworker can provide advocacy support and they do not have a conflict of interest (e.g. help a person with a disability with a pension problem if the disability caseworker works for the state government). Provide advocacy for a person when a more appropriate service is available (e.g. debt matters where a financial counsellor is available, representation at a tenancy tribunal when a tenants advocacy service is available, provide court support when a suitable court support program is available). Provide advocacy for a person who wishes to take out an apprehended personal violence order against a neighbour or workmate if appropriate mediation has not been attempted to resolve the dispute. Areas Covered: Hunter,New Englandand Mid North Coast regions of NSW Australia.

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Phone: 4927 0111/ 1300 365 085

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