Services Neami staff use the framework provided by the Collaborative Recovery Model when supporting consumers. Detailed information about the model can be found under the Model of Service Delivery – Collaborative Recovery Model. Neami provides a range of support services for people aged 16 years and over (State and Federal funding requirements will determine eligibility) with a mental illness and require support. Our services include individual outreach, group rehabilitation programs, supported housing and art based programs. Neami is also committed to promoting mental health, continued service development and continuous improvement. Whilst Neami welcomes referrals at all service sites, our services are usually full with registrations from Area Mental Health Services. We can still accept your referral but you will be placed on a register. For more information regarding waiting time for registration with a service, please contact your local Neami service and ask to speak with the Manager. Neami will not discriminate based on gender, race, religion or sexual preference. Eligibility for Neami services is dependent on funding contracts with the state and/or federal governments For further information regarding Neami services, please click on one of the links below: Core Services Individual Outreach Assertive Outreach (Including homelessness) Specialist Services PARCS (Prevention and Recovery Care Service) Group programs Arts based programs Service coordination Service hours: Monday - Friday: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm Closed public holidays

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