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Phoebe House is a nine bed residential treatment service for women, with a child, who are currently on a program of methadone maintenance. The program at Phoebe House provides therapeutic groups, external counselling, education and support around drug dependence issues and social, material and personal well-being for women and their children. The service aims to assist women to develop their personal resources and enable themselves to enhance their lifestyles and interpersonal relationships Phoebe House is staffed 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. The Phoebe House Program is structured so that Monday, Wednesday, Thursday afternoon and Friday are “Program Days” and residents are required to be taking part in the individual and group program Tuesday and Thursday mornings are set aside for business appointments such as external counselling, medical, dental and legal On Saturdays and Sundays it is “program free time” for the women to attend to their lives outside the program The therapeutic groups are held four days a week and aim to facilitate a process of personal change, as well as addressing relapse prevention, parenting, emotional and physical health and lifestyle issues All women at Phoebe House attend drug and alcohol counselling at an external facility that has been approved and deemed appropriate for Phoebe house clientele Morning Meetings are held three days a week to address general issues arising from communal living. All women at Phoebe House are required to participate in housework and cooking roster. The Phoebe House Program runs for six months. PO Box A267 Arncliffe NSW 2205 E-mail:

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