The Salvation Army provides long-term residential treatment facilities, community-based support programs, and Withdrawal Management Services (detox). Residential Treatment The Salvation Army's Bridge Program offers a number of long-term residential treatment facilities to help people find freedom from addiction. The residential treatment program typically lasts eight to ten months. Residental treatment may be longer or shorter as influenced by each individual circumstance. Residential treatment centres provide an environment, support and the time to allow people to learn to live without their addiction.

The Salvation Army follows the 12-Step Recovery Model, which recognises they physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the recovery journey. Community-based Treatment The Salvation Army offers a range of non-residential services, including out-client case management services, youth services, day therapeutic communities and community based recovery programs offered through Salvation Army Churches and other Salvation Army expressions. These services include assessment, referral and support services, one-to-one support, group work, and recovery and support group meetings. Withdrawl Management Services (Detox) The Salvation Army provides residential withdrawal management services (commonly referred to as detoxification or detox) in Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. 

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