CONSEQUENCES OF LIVING IN SQUALOR AND HOARDING The consequences of living in a situation of Squalor and Hoarding are varied and impact upon both the community and individual. These impacts include: The Individual: Social isolation: The individual can become quite withdrawn, often not socialising with anyone and will have very few if any people coming around to their house. Poor relationships (and often consequential relationship breakdown) with both family and friends. Fear of eviction due to the deplorable state of their home or the fire risk involved in cases of compulsive hoarding. Increased risk of health problems due to: - Falls - Loss of medication - Lack of medical attention High financial loss due to: - Cost of storage - Debt due to loss of and consequent not paying of bills (incurrence of late fees) - Costs of cleaning - Challenge of keeping a job amongst such disorganisation and chaos. The Community: Risks to Safety: Fire Hazard, Health Hazard etc Consequences for Neighbours: Damages to common property, vermin infestation etc. Damaged relationships with neighbours and other community members, stress caused by the difficult nature of these relationships. High costs for clean-up and repair of damage. Costs for health care and community well-being involved with people living in squalor (healthcare is often more expensive as there is a large number of presenting problems due to long periods of time without medical attention).

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