The Program is aimed at young people aged from 12 to 16 who are in Years 7 to 10, and targets their welfare, educational, social and life skills needs. Dunlea Centre is a registered Years 7 to 10 school and is accredited to deliver the ROSA credential. The Program is voluntary and lasts for approximately 6 to 12 months. The young people attend from Monday at 9am through to Friday at 12pm and go home for the weekends, public holidays and the regular school holiday periods. A young person entering the Program will be placed in one of four units, living with a maximum of 7 other young people, and working with 5 staff members consisting of a teacher, a Life Skills Social Educator, a Family Services Worker (counsellor) and 2 residential carers. It is in this context that the needs of the young person and the family are able to be targeted. Some aspects of the program are as follows: For the young person: • Individual counselling targeting what is happening in the family and what is happening emotionally for the young person; • The development of an Individual Education Plan targeting the educational needs of the young person and meeting the requirements of BOSTES in a relevant and creative way; • Social Skills development including focus on: communication, anger management, conflict resolution, social interactions, exposure to social settings and learning to live with others; • Life skills development including focus on cooking, washing, hygiene, household chores, shopping, budgeting, resume` writing, interviewing skills; • A chance to target personal goals and to make changes. For the Families: • A chance to identify and target the issues of concern existing in the family; • Individual and family counselling; • Access to services to target issues in the family; • A chance to target goals and to make changes. Brochure  

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