NDIS eligibility is based on several criteria including age, residency, and disability. The NDIS is not means tested and does not take into account your income or assets when determining eligibility. There are also specific requirements for children aged 0-6 and people with psychosocial disabilities.

To enter the NDIS, you’ll need to complete an “Access Request”. This is where you fill out some forms and provide background information so the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) that operates the NDIS can determine if you’re eligible. The main eligibility requirements are listed below.

Age requirements

You may be eligible for the NDIS if you are aged between 7 and 65.

The NDIS supports children aged 0 to 6 who have a developmental delay or disability under its Early Childhood Early Intervention program.

Residency requirements

You must live in Australia and:

  • Be an Australian citizen or
  • Hold a permanent visa or
  • Hold a special category visa (SCV).

If you spend a lot of time overseas, you’ll need to demonstrate strong ties to Australia such as owning a home or having a long-term tenancy agreement and having family in Australia.

You might also have to provide information about how often you travel overseas and the duration of your trips.

Disability requirements

You must be able to meet each of the following criteria to be eligible for the NDIS:

  • You have a disability that results in an impairment that affects your ability to perform certain activities.
  • The disability must be attributable to one or more intellectual, neurological, sensory, or physical impairments. Alternatively, you may have an impairment attributable to a psychiatric condition.
  • You are likely to require support under the NDIS for the rest of your life. If the impairment varies in intensity, such as experiencing chronic episodes, you may still be eligible.

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